Kids and Grades and All That Terrible Stuff

My son is finishing up 3rd grade soon. HOW DID HE GET TO BE THIS OLD? I just don’t get it!

Anyway, 3rd grade is when academic grades start to get important. He’s getting letter grades now in spelling, reading, social studies, and math. And the HOMEWORK he has. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS! It’s so much! It’s easily 45 minutes a night most nights. And did I mention I don’t get home until at least 5pm? And then there is dinner, showers, 30 minute bedtime routines… oh and ya, I’m married too.

Back to my point- being a parent of a 3rd grader who is totally capable of getting straight A’s but really couldn’t care less about his grade IS HARD! This year he’s really been struggling on math tests. He can get his homework done without many problems, but when it comes to tests…not so much. So far this year, he’s gotten a few A’s (YEAH!), a number of B’s, some C’s and a D! For a while, he had a C in math all together. For some reason this just made me so sad! It’s only 3rd grade, but HE KNOWS THE ANSWERS! He just moves too quickly, trying to be the first one done and doesn’t check his work. I’ve talked with his teacher a number of times and she keeps telling me that although we want him to do well, HE HAS TO WANT IT. How do I get my 8 year old son to WANT to get A’s in school? Bribery has worked somewhat. When he gets an A in math we celebrate big time. Like Dairy Queen large Blizzards or Frozen Yogurt, plus he pretty much can do whatever he wants that night (video games, IPad, etc..) I literally go online on test days and check for his updated grades. I refresh over and over and over until his test grade pops up. And it either makes my day or breaks my heart. PARENTING IS SO EMOTIONAL!

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    Jordan Loomis
    May 2, 2017 at 2:51 am

    Aw it’s hard! That age they struggle to slow down, and that’s okay!!

    First off I know my parents paid me so much for an A or B every report card. In elementary school I was $5 for an A and $2 for B’s. Money was always a motivator for me!

  2. Reply
    May 3, 2017 at 3:24 am

    I get the struggle! We’re dealing with that in 1st and I know it will only get harder…

    Did you know that you can sign up for alerts on the infinite campus app so you are notified whenever he gets a grade? It’s pretty instant. Might save you time spent refreshing the webpage. 😉

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