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Have you heard of World Vision? They are a global Christian humanitarian organization. Their goal is to partner with families and communities to help end poverty all over the world. The organization started in 1950 and since then has been very involved in helping provide resources, food, school supplies, warm clothes, and other things. For example, World Vision has helped bring clean water to Kenya, helped the hunger problem in Somalia, Ethiopia and Nicaragua, and helped protect children in Cambodia.

Most of us here in the United States don’t have to worry about clean water or school supplies or keeping warm in the winter. I’d venture to say that the worries most of us have are related to our kids getting good grades, if we will get to work on time, having time to make dinner and get homework done. I don’t mean to make light of our problems, because of course, many of us have bigger worries such as ours or our families health, finding a good paying job or paying for childcare. These are real stressors. But when I think about the worries I have, they do not compare at all to those in 3rd world countries.

So, how can you help? Well, you can sponsor a child, like we do! For $39 a month, you help provide clean water, nutrition, education and many other things to the child and their community. Our family sponsors a boy named Juan Carlos, from Honduras. He’s 9 years old (similar in age to my son). We send him gifts and letters every few months and we get to hear from him too which is super fun! While it’s not always important to others, I like to be able to see pictures of the people we’re helping and communicate with them. Here’s a picture of Juan Carlos:


If you’re interested in helping, just go to World Vision and click on “Sponsor a Child”. You even can go through all the photos of children who need help and pick the one who puts a spark in your heart.

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