Wine Tasting in Napa Vally

Do you like wine? Do you like beautiful, lush, green grass and wineries? Then you should absolutely visit Napa Valley, California. It’s warm, gorgeous, and they have awesome wine!

Jason and I went to Napa in the summer of 2016 with 3 other couples. WE HAD THE BEST TIME! We rented a house (Thank you VRBO) and all flew out there from Colorado for a 4 night trip. Thankfully all the couples have been friends for years and most of us have traveled together, so it was low on the drama scale and high on the FUN!

If you’re going to Napa, I HIGHLY recommend hiring a tour company to drive you around for a day. These tour companies know the places to go- not only the big wineries, but the small mom and pop wineries that are incredible. We heard great things about Platypus Tours so we decided to go with them. Sure, an all day Tour (4 wineries plus lunch) cost about $500 total, but split between 4 couples it wasn’t so bad. Plus, our guide was TRULY AMAZING. She was young and energetic, knew a TON about the area, and made the tour a lot of fun. Before we went, she was in touch with us asking what types of wine we liked, and what we really wanted from the tour. She far exceeded our expectations. And when we needed food and/or water (because let’s face it, we drank A LOT), she was right there with it.

She brought us to 4 wineries (I didn’t think it would be enough, but it was PLENTY!) We stayed at each winery for over an hour and met with some wonderful people. At Miner Wines we met with a guy who looked just like the actor Jack Black- he was fantastic. We sat outside on their patio and tried different wines. He gave us a lot of history of the vineyard- I wish I remember, but again, we drank a lot! When we were leaving Miner, I was sure nothing could top it. The experience was so great.


But then we went to Tudal Winery it was totally different than Miner and again, fantastic! There after we did some wine tasting, we had lunch on the ENORMOUS wooden table outside under a beautiful chandelier. Out of the blue, the OWNER OF THE WINERY came out (in his shorts and t-shirt) and decided to have lunch with us and gave us a bottle of wine to share. He told us stories of the winery and amazing to get to know. He even gave us another bottle of wine when we got back in the van! What a great experience.

Needless to say, we joined both the Miner and Tudal wine clubs. We’ve received many shipments from both and have been so happy to enjoy the delicious varietals.

As I said, we did go to 4 wineries, but these 2 were our favorites. After ALL THAT WINE, we decided it would be a good idea to go get oysters, more wine and do some WHISKEY TASTING. (Because… well, we were drunk). Our Platypus driver took us to the Oxbow Public Market. YOU MUST, MUST, MUST GO THERE! Imagine an indoor, open marketplace with many different little shops/businesses. They had a bar, then next to it, an oyster bar (we polished off 2 dozen NO PROBLEM!), whiskey tasting, and other little shops where you could buy candles or little knick knacks. These 2 wineries and this market were the highlight of the 4 days trip FOR SURE. I hope to get back there someday!

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