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Let’s SPRINKLE Good Deeds Everywhere!



I will often read a blog or a quick post about doing good deeds and I think to myself that I’m going to try to do something good for someone every day. How hard can that be? Give someone who looks like they need it a smile. Give the homeless person on the street some change or a couple dollars. Send a greeting card. Buy a friend lunch. Pay for a stranger’s coffee. ALL of these things are so easy to do. And like I said, I THINK about doing it. I think about it when I’m in a quiet place- waking up, driving to work, laying back down at night and going over my day. But then the day happens and I get busy or my brain gets flustered and I don’t do them. Yes, I do good deeds. I believe I’m a good person. BUT….. I don’t think I do it enough. Or at least, I could do better.

So, I’m challenging myself to do at LEAST one good thing intentionally each day. By that I mean, MORE than what I do now. Really live with intention. Would you join me? If you do, please post your good deed on my Facebook or Twitter and #sprinklegooddeeds? I would love to see ALL of the good deeds we all do! And I think it would be great to get ideas from people too.

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    May 5, 2017 at 2:58 pm

    So yesterday we had a big celebration at work to celebrate mental health month. At the end a guy who I know and his boxer needed to get to the bus to take them to the train for a 45 minute ride home. He didn’t hint or ask for a ride, but I offered to take them to the train…..they were grateful and we chatted the entire way! It made me feel very happy.

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