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Do you like planning? Because I LOVE PLANNING! It’s totally my thing. Perhaps it’s because I like to be in control? I’m really not a huge fan of spontaneity, which I know is a little sad. Most of the time- not all- spontaneous plans stress me out. (Can you say CONTROL FREAK!?) That’s terrible isn’t it? I mean, I can say “hey, let’s get a sitter go out to dinner!”, but if my husband says “I need to go on a work trip tomorrow”, I get a little freaked out. I have to take a little time and wrap my brain around what that means for me and for our schedule. It likely means changing some plans I have, waking up earlier to get our son to school and doing our nightly routine alone. I can totally handle it, but advanced notice makes it SO much easier.

I like planning so much that I’m already planning things in December. It’s MAY! And I have most of our weekends this summer planned. Not every day or every minute, but camping trips, dinners with friends, weekend getaways, swim meets- they are all on my calendar. I’ve even got all my Orange Theory classes for the month scheduled too. And can I just say how much I LOVE MY GOOGLE CALENDAR?! The fact that I can see everything and I can give access to other people- like our nanny this summer-is so awesome. I’ve even got all my Orange Theory classes for the month scheduled too.

I love that most of my friends are also planners! When we get together, we’re constantly planning something. I’m going to Telluride this summer with a group of friends and we’re already planning what to do, where to eat, what to bring, etc. We joke around about how we’re always planning, and our how our husbands are NOT super planners. They are lucky to have us, right? Haha!

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    May 16, 2017 at 12:01 pm

    I totally love planning. I plan things months in advance. I start Pinterest birthday boards for my boys way before their birthdays lol. I started using a Happy Planner (combined with my online calendar) and I love it because I can plan things out on paper, too.

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