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2017 Summer/Fall Vacations Planned!

It is the middle of May as I type this, and it has been dumping snow since late last night. I’m not really sure when it’s going to end. But thank goodness I planted some flowers and mowed the lawn yesterday! This ALWAYS happens in Colorado. And every year, we all say, “This is so strange!”  It’s not that strange. I think we all just can’t believe that it’s possible to have many inches of snow in our yards and realize that the community pool is going to be open in 2 weeks.

Once the snow melts- which won’t be long- it’s time to start our summer vacations! We have been very fortunate to do a lot of traveling in the past few years. Last year we went to Napa, and this spring we did our Disney Cruise (blog post coming soon!). We also went to Washington D.C. last fall and as I’ve mentioned before, we camp a lot in the summer. This year is no different. Well, it’s probably more traveling this year. (Wouldn’t it be nice if someone paid me to travel? A girl can dream.)

This summer, we’re going to Telluride! It has been on my bucket list for years. I’ve heard it is a tiny town that is absolutely gorgeous! We are going with our Napa crew, but this time we are taking the kiddos. So, that is a total of 15 people. In one house. For 4 nights. And it’s going to be A BLAST! If you want to see the house- it is more like a mountain chalet- check it out here. I cannot wait to spend the 4th of July weekend with my best friends in a beautiful Colorado Mountain Town. I could do without the 7 hour drive, but I will deal with it.

Once again, we have a lot of camping trips planned. We are going to Terry Bison Ranch at the beginning of June. We love it there- it is not really camping as much as it is driving 2 hours away to sleep in our camper and feed bison, check out the farm animals (including camels!), go horseback riding and just hang out. We have been a number of times and it is such a fun place for the kids. They get to see an actual working bison ranch! We are also going to our favorite place, Mueller State Park, a few times this summer. It is so pretty, and quiet, and relaxing. There is a park for the kids and we play games, and just chill out.

THEN- we are off to HAWAII in October! Yep, Hawaii! It has been a few years since we have been there and we are ready! This will be the first time AJ and Jason have been together (I took AJ twice when he was younger), but now AJ is older and a great swimmer, he will have a blast. We’re going with my mom, brother and sister-in-law as well. It is a great group and we can’t wait to go to a luau, snorkel and play at the beach.

In November, we’re making our way to Central California to spend time with my Dad and Step-mom. We just love going there because it is SO RELAXING! They live in Arroyo Grande (near San Louis Obispo) and we go to the beach, wine tasting, watch football and have great family time.

And finally… we are going on another Disney Cruise in late December/ early January… don’t tell AJ. More on that another time.

I feel so grateful that we are able to do all these fun things; that we get to travel all over and have these great experiences. It’s so much fun doing these things as a family and making all these wonderful memories!

It’s really going to be a great year! I feel like I should get packing now!

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    Theresa Clippinger
    May 20, 2017 at 11:08 am

    I am up for adoption! I can cook and clean and open bottles of wine for you all.

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