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A Story of Incredible Love, Loss and Faith- Clive Wins

For Baby George, Clive and Winnie

My close friends and family know that I have this strange interest for reading sad stories. I don’t know why. It’s the same with movies. When I go to the movies, I would rather watch a realistic drama than a “stupid comedy” as I call them. It’s not that I LIKE to read about bad things. When I read stories of children who passed away from cancer, or these other terrible incidents, I am devastated and I want to help. These stories really affect me and I remember a lot of these children for years. Also, reading things like this make me INCREDIBLY grateful for what I have. That might sound bad. Of course I do not want people go through the worst time in their life so I can be grateful. That isn’t what I’m saying. I am grateful regardless. Reading stories like this makes me appreciate life more, hug my son tighter, stop rushing and live in the moment.


I do not recall how I came across this family and their blog. I think it was Facebook. But I knew I had to follow them immediately because their story struck me. Sam and Rachel George were a young married Christian couple and decided they were ready to have a family. It took them a while to get pregnant and when they finally did, it ended soon in miscarriage. Of course they were heart broken, but they knew they wanted to keep trying.

In 2015, Rachel was pregnant with their son, Clive. They were thrilled! Rachel had a very normal and healthy pregnancy until her 32nd week when things took a turn for the worse and Baby Clive was delivered prematurely. After heart surgery and a mountain of medication, Clive passed away at 39 days old. I just can’t imagine the devastation. Rachel talks a lot about their heart break and grief in their blog.

A little over a year later, the George family was blessed to be pregnant with their beautiful daughter, Winnie. Rachel and Sam were so happy. They were ready to have their baby and go on living their lives. However, Winnie also had some health concerns. Health concerns that doctors thought she would overcome. Nine days later, Winnie passed away. Again I wonder, how do people go on living when their babies are taken away? I remember reading this- about the time I came across their blog- and it hitting me so hard. Here was this family I did not know, but somehow I felt close to them and was so sad to read about their sweet Winnie and their difficult journey to parenthood. Obviously it has not been easy, but the way that Sam and Rachel have been able to go on is by trusting in God. It’s been a hard road and they have struggled with their faith, which I find understandable.

There is so much more to their story, and I truly hope you read about it in their blog.

Moving forward, Sam and Rachel have planned to adopt. They are not giving up on having a family. They long to be parents; through adoption or however God makes this possible. The cost of adopting is somewhere between $45k- $50k. And if any family deserves this, it is the George Family. You will not find me asking for you to donate very often on this blog, but this is one time I am asking for you to consider helping this family who is incredibly deserving. If you feel so inclined, the links to donate are below.  Even if you can’t donate, would you share their story?


Sam and Rachel George

Please check out their blog and read their story if you can.

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-You can still purchase shirts. All shirt proceeds go to our adoption.


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