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It’s About Time

This is a guest post from my good friend and neighbor, Celeste Herron. She is a wife, full time home health provider, mother, daughter and friend. Like all of us, she is trying to figure out how to get everything done, make everyone happy, and still find time for herself. I am sure many of you can relate.  



It started at my Grandmother’s house when I was 6 years old. I can still hear it….tick tock tick tock…for hours I laid there and listened. After countless nights of being tortured by the sound of her old hanging clock, I got up enough courage to politely ask her to remove the dinosaur of a time keeper from the guest bedroom. But the foundation had been set; time became my enemy, and we are still engaged in battle 29 years later.

Perhaps it’s because I’m still relatively new at being a full time working Mom or currently throwing penny after penny into the fountain of youth, but now more than ever, I’m noticing my life being ruled by what numbers appear on the clock and fighting with time. It starts the moment my alarm goes off in the morning and my first thought is “get up now,” I allow myself 30 minutes in the morning to drink a cup of coffee and read the paper; I can’t let a minute of that precious time escape! After that it’s a mad dash to get me and my 2 year old dressed, lunches made, put his shoes back on for the 8th time that morning, and into the car.

Being a home health physical therapist, I drive to each of my client’s homes throughout the day. Traffic, road work, and weather have a huge impact on my ability to see all my patients, give everyone just enough quality time before I need to hop back in my truck and get to the next person. My babysitter has a window of time for me to get my son, if I’m not there before she leaves to pick her kids up from school, I don’t get Luke until after 4pm. It’s always a struggle to get there before she leaves; often times I don’t. It’s not that I need him before that time, but the point is I would rather he be home safe with me, then being driven around by someone else in a world where road rage and low patience rule the highways.

The clock continues to be in control as my husband and I block off 5-5:30 for exercise. It’s not a lot of time, but we have a toddler and that’s all we get. If one of us doesn’t get home by 5, we lose our much-needed time in the gym. After that it’s dinner and bath time so my son is in bed by 7pm. He has the potential to turn into a werewolf if that schedule is not kept. My head hits the pillow at 9 and I avoid looking at that evil glowing display of numbers on the wall, so I don’t realize how long it is taking me to finally fall asleep.

I know I am not the first working Mom in the world to have these struggles and I actually have it SO much easier than most. Let’s be honest, who gets 30 minutes in the morning to leisurely drink their coffee?? I’m not naive to these facts. But I’m tired of being a slave to father time; how do other people break out of this bondage? I remember my honeymoon in St Lucia…we never turned our phones on! This was before Wi-Fi was everywhere and it was the most amazing 7 days of my life; it didn’t matter what the clock said, it was a breath of fresh air! But I can’t escape to the Caribbean anytime I want. So, what are some realistic ways to not allow time to win? Here are some tips I’ve received:

  • Meditation: An amazing nurse I work with goes into her car during her lunch break and does a 5-minute meditation. Focused breathing and mindfulness can decrease anxiety and help you regain focus on what is important. There are tons of free meditation apps out there and a website that provides free guided meditation from UCLA.
  • Break out of habit! I don’t need to have specific check marks on specific tasks checked off by a specific time; that is me being a control freak. Cue the “Let It Go” song from Frozen. The nights we go out and grab sushi for dinner or take a walk to the park instead of focus on the clock are wonderful. This should happen more than once every 2 months.
  • Read! I recently was inspired to purchase the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Although I’m only into the 2nd chapter, it’s a great book about being in the moment and having control over your conscious. Very applicable to this blog!
  • Accept help. We can’t do it on our own all the time. I have an incredible neighbor who will take my son anytime I ask and allow my husband and I to hit up a happy hour or evening out. These nights I cherish, it really recharges my batteries.

It’s about time I start taking my own advice. I would love to hear from you and how you handle the ticking clock and successfully take control of your time.

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Remember Raelyn Cutbirth

I hope my posts this month about Childhood Cancer Awareness have made you stop and think for just a moment. I hope you thought about the families that are in the middle of the fight against cancer now, or have gone through it and lost their children, and I hope you realized that it could happen to you or someone you love deeply. These post were not intended to be depressing. Yes, of course cancer is awful and depressing, but my hope is that you would realize this is happening all around us, and not take for granted your healthy children.

One thing about cancer is it doesn’t discriminate. Old, young, white, black, Asian, girls, boys… cancer doesn’t care. The last child I’d like to introduce you to is this adorable little girl, Raelyn. My husband and I worked with David, Raelyn’s dad, many years ago. He moved to Texas and we changed jobs so we lost touch for a while. In the meantime, he married Jenni and they tried and tried to have a baby. I don’t know all the details, but I do know they went through many infertility treatments and finally were blessed with their precious Raelyn.

Raelyn was adorable and sweet. She loved girly things, the color pink, queso (her parents called her a queso thief!), and she was a huge lover of dogs. She lived in Texas with her parents and loved getting together with her cousins to play. Life was great until Raelyn turned 2 when she was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma.

Sarcomas are cancers that develop from connective tissues in the body, such as muscles, fat, bones, the linings of joints, or blood vessels. There are many types of sarcomas. Rhabdomyosarcoma is a cancer made up of cells that normally develop into skeletal muscles. This type of cancer can start anywhere in the body, so there are no symptoms until a bump (tumor) is noticed.

It wasn’t until Raelyn was deep into treatment that Jason and I found David and Jenni on Facebook and learned about Raelyn’s illness. I followed them closely on social media, praying she would be ok. Come to find out she would have to undergo 54 weeks of chemotherapy and radiation. That is truly unimaginable, but the good news was, after all of that her scans showed no evidence of disease! David and Jenni were thrilled, but they also knew that the cancer could come back. Sadly, almost exactly one year later, her scans showed it was. At this point, the doctors gave her a 10-20 percent chance of survival. I just can’t fathom going through a year of chemo and radiation, being told the cancer was gone, and then told a year later that it’s back and even worse.

About a month after the learned Raelyn’s cancer was back, in July 2014, doctors gave the family devastating news- that Raelyn’s tumor was not only growing but was now protruding through her skin. At this point, doctors made the awful decision to stop treatment and released her to hospice care. This poor, sweet girl was only four years old and spent 2 years of her life fighting cancer. That is just not fair. That December, Raelyn gained her angel wings and went to be with Jesus. Her family was devastated of course, but felt some peace knowing she was free from needles and pain.

It has been a hard road for David, Jenni and the rest of their family, but I’m thrilled to tell you that since her death, Raelyn has given her family 2 baby boys- Boone and Gavin. They are adorable and look just like Raelyn! Of course, they miss Raelyn and think about her every day. But it helps having 2 toddlers running around the house jumping off the couch and playing like maniacs!

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September 11th- We Will Never Forget

Just like you, I will never forget where I was on September 11th, 2001. That day will forever be etched in our brains- such a terrible day and what seems like the beginning of an awful string of terrorist attacks on countries all over the world. At least for me, it was the beginning of feeling so much hate in this world.

Jason and I had only been dating about 6 months. I was without a job at the time, and had a job interview that morning in Irvine, California. I have no idea what company it was for and I obviously didn’t get the job, but I do remember hearing a lot of mumbling and commotion in the office building. Something had happened, but we weren’t sure what. They cut the interview short and said they were closing for the day and to go home. It was confusing to say the least.

After the interview, I got back into my car to drive home. I was listening to Howard Stern- like I often do- and they were talking about a plane crashing into one of the twin towers- but I just didn’t get the magnitude of what was happening. I’m not sure anyone did at that point? Nothing like this had happened before so it was hard to imagine it. It was still too soon to be able to see all the pictures on the news that are now burned in our brains.

Once I got home, we had nothing else to do so we did what we always did- we went to the mall. (I am very embarrassed to tell you this.) It had not hit us yet that this tragedy was so vast. We just didn’t know. And, nothing like this had happened in our lifetime, so we just had no clue.

We parked at the mall and walked up to the door and there was a hand written sign taped to the door saying the mall was closed. I can’t remember the wording, but it basically said they were closed due to what we now know was a terrorist attack. It was then that I realized this was HUGE. It wasn’t the mall being closed that made me realize this, but it was knowing that businesses were closing early and sending employees to be with their loved ones that made me see just how big of a tragedy this was becoming. We immediately went back home.

Once we got home, we turned on the TV to watch the news. We were glued to it- like everyone else- for days. We were scared. Who did this? Why did someone do this? What else is going to happen? What did these people do to deserve this? It really made me question my safety and that of my family.

I like to believe our country is stronger now than before these attacks. I also want to believe that this has brought out the good in people. It’s strange how that happens- people want to help others no matter what their race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. after a tragedy. I have a hard time understanding why that goes away so quickly. When there is a terrorist attack, or a giant hurricane, or forest fire everyone wants to help. But then the newness of that goes away and many people go back to being angry and bitter. What would this world be like if we could continue to look past things that we may not agree with and realize we’re all human beings doing the best we can?

So, today we remember all of the nearly 3000 people who died that awful day. We remember the first responders who didn’t give any thought to what they were running into and did all they could to help others. We remember the families who lost their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and children.

America is always strong when tragedy hits. It’s days like this that I have hope that we can put away our disagreements and anger and become one country again.

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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month? You probably didn’t. I never knew it until a few years back when I started following a bunch of kid’s stories of cancer on Facebook. (The sad reality is that there are SO many of these stories) Recently, I have had to unfollow many of these stories because as much as I wanted to follow them and pray for the best, often time’s things didn’t work out for the best and I became very depressed. I don’t know these kids or these families, but I feel like I could know them. I could be them.

Here are some very sad statistics about Childhood Cancer:

  • Every day, 43 children are diagnosed with cancer.
  • 12% of children diagnosed with cancer do not survive.
  • Children’s cancer affects all ethnic, gender and socio-economic groups.
  • The average age of children diagnosed is six.
  • More than 40,000 children undergo treatment for cancer each year.
  • 60% of children who survive cancer suffer late-effects, such as infertility, heart failure and secondary cancers.

Here is one of the worst statistics of childhood cancer. Of all the money spent on researching cancer, ONLY 4 PERCENT of that money goes to researching childhood cancer. Tell me how our kids aren’t worth more than 4 %? Every single story I read, parents talk about their kids being worth more than 4. Isn’t your child worth more than 4%? Mine certainly is. So, these parents who have been devastated by cancer are fighting to help raise that percentage. I’m certainly not saying we shouldn’t spend money on trying to cure adult cancers, but aren’t our children our future? This makes absolutely no sense.


This month, I’d like to tell you about a few of the children I followed over the past few years. These kids- and so many others- have really touched my life. I have never personally met any of these kids, but I feel like they changed me for the better.

Today, meet Jonny Wade. Gosh, I feel like I know Jonny. A lot of my friends and some family know of Jonny. I don’t recall how I found his story on Facebook, but once I did, I couldn’t stop thinking about him and his family and praying for them.

Jonny Wade (7)


Jonny and his twin brother Jacky were 7 year old 1st graders, living with their parents in Illinois. They played with friends and their dog and loved video games. They were living normal, 7 year old lives. A week before Christmas 2014, Jonny got a very bad headache at school, but it went away. Over the next few days, he got more headaches and his parents took him to the doctor. Days before Christmas, he had a 5 hour surgery to remove a malignant brain tumor doctors found. It just blows my mind how quickly a families life can change.

The Wade Family

Over the next year, Jonny endured four more brain surgeries, as well as eye surgeries, surgical port accesses, feeding tube insertions, radiation therapy, and more scans and needle sticks than the family could count. He constantly had tubes in his nose, chest and, later, in his belly. He was in pain. He suffered radiation burns, fatigue, daily nausea, vomiting, spinal headaches and the emotional pain of spending your days in the hospital instead of playing with your brother and friends. Remember.. he was SEVEN.

As his body got weaker, Jonny’s faith became stronger. He dealt with incredible pain and suffered greatly, but despite it all, he remained positive – even going so far as to put others before himself. Jonny told his parents, he “didn’t want any other kid to have cancer”. Sadly, Jonny died on Christmas eve at the age of 8.

I’m telling this story to try to help raise awareness of this horrible disease. Yes, it’s depressing, but there is also some good that has come out of Jonny’s story. His parents started the Kids Shouldn’t Have Cancer Foundation in memory of Jonny because Jonny believed he could and should make a difference. Jonny was not your typical 7 year old. He was so wise, and strong and had such unwavering faith. I wish I had the chance to meet this boy, but he will be in my heart forever. It’s amazing to think about how much a 7 year old boy, whom I never got to meet, has taught me. I’m so grateful for that.

When I have tough days as a parent, I always think of Jonny and other kids like him and remember how fortunate I am to have such a healthy child. I do my best not to take it all for granted. I remember to give one more kiss, a longer hug and another “I love you” because it can all be taken away so quickly.

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Back to School.. ALREADY?


I cannot even believe I am writing this post. I feel like I JUST WROTE about summertime starting. Pools, vacations, and no real set bed time. But here we are… thinking about school supplies, uniforms, school lunches, homework and all that. Every year I am not ready. This year is no different. I want to continue with our lazy days, swim lessons, staying up late, eating junk, and not fighting (as much) over video game time. We have had such a great summer. We went on a few camping trips , vacationed in Telluride hung out with friends and went to a few concerts.


I remember growing up, we had a full 3 months of summer. It felt long! (never long enough, but you know what I mean.) Now, our son has about 9 weeks of summer. It goes WAY too fast! The reason his summer is so short is because there are so many breaks during the year. He gets a week for spring break, a week off for Thanksgiving, a week for fall break, and 2 weeks at Christmas. I wish his summer was longer, but we love the breaks because it gives us all a chance to recharge.

This year our son is starting 4th grade. (Yet another thing I just cannot wrap my brain around) 3rd grade was tough because there was a lot of homework. I hear 4th is going to be even worse. This is the year the kids have more expectations and more responsibility. I am sure it will be full of book reports, beginning algebra and science projects. We can deal with the homework and all that, but I really do not want to deal with the fighting that always occurs when I help AJ with homework. Let’s just hope he and I both have more patience this year!

Our son’s school requires that he wears a uniform and I love this rule. Otherwise, he would be wearing workout shorts everyday- like he has been all summer. He is fortunate that the school allows 2 “dress of choice” days- something the kids always enjoy. We have found that the best place to buy uniforms is at Land’s End. They are a little pricier than Old Navy or Kohls, but you can always get a 30% off coupon online. And the best part is they last! 9 year old boys are tough on their clothes and Land’s End pants have extra padding in the knee so they never get holes!


Kohls Department Stores Inc

There is ONE THING good about going back to school. Routine. While sometimes routine can be boring, I it is nice for us to know what is going on and when. Here are some things that we are asking AJ to resume when school starts.. (We’ve been a little relaxed this summer)

  1. Get dressed, teeth and hair brushed and shoes on before any TV
  2. Feed the dog and turtle
  3. Get homework done before TV or playing after school
  4. EAT YOUR LUNCH! (grrrrrrr…)
  5. No dessert unless you eat your lunch
  6. Candy (1!) and soda (1!) on weekends only
  7. Get good grades or your Ipad goes BYE BYE
  8. Bedtime is 8:30pm

I’m sure all parents have a hard time holding to these rules and it’s hard to get back in the swing of things. I know it’s hard for kids too. For a few months it’s been pretty much anything goes, and now it’s time to pull back the reigns. Wish us luck!

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Life is Meant to be Enjoyed

For some reason this quote really stuck out to me when I first saw it. So much so that I printed it out and have it hanging right next to my monitor at work. I read it many times a day in fact. Of course, I love my life. I AM enjoying my life. But there are days- or maybe even just hours- when I am over it. Whether it’s a tough day at work, or the stress of homework, or constantly cleaning up messes- I forget that the whole point of life is to ENJOY it!



I don’t know about you, but when I see a good quote that really speaks to me, I literally just sit in the moment and really think about what it means. To me, these are not just words. Were we born just so we could “get thru” the day? Are we here so we can manage, get by, or just deal with life? Absolutely not! Inevitably, there will be hard times for all of us. And in those times we may just need try to just get by. But life as a whole should be LIVED and ENJOYED.


Everyone has different ways of enjoying life. And I think when you realize that you’re just enduring it, then it’s time to make a change. Why would we want to stick with something we’re not enjoying? One reason is fear. You may remember my blog post about my fear of starting a blog. I was nervous about what people would think and could I actually do it. Was I going to be able to get anyone to follow me or would this just be a big failure. I can honestly say, I love blogging. It has lit a spark in me and I am really enjoying it. I hope that you are enjoying it too!


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That Time I Was Sent to Tulsa


Yep, you read that right. I was sent to Tulsa for an undetermined amount of time and told to work 12 hour days, 6 days a week. The only way I could say no was to quit my job. I couldn’t quit. IT WAS ROUGH to say the least.

I work for a large Fortune 15 company. Thousands of workers at this company are union workers. The union went on strike last summer and because of that, those non-union employees (ME!) had to up and leave their lives as they knew it and do the union workers jobs. There were a lot of bad things about this (good things too- I’ll get to that), but I think the worst part was not knowing how long we would be gone.

We knew there was a possibility of a strike the previous August 2015. The union and the company did not agree on a new contract, but at the time, the union decided to continue to work without one. That lasted many months and most of us forgot about the possibility of a strike. Then, April 2016 rolled around and they went on strike. Seemingly out of nowhere. When I think back to that time, it brings back so many emotions. I was anxious, scared, and unsure of what to expect.

Two days after the strike announcement a lot of my co-workers were on planes to their “EWA job” (Emergency Work Assignment). I knew that my EWA job was my actual job I did daily. That meant I would not be shipped off (at least I thought so) and I would be responsible for my job and the jobs of some of my co-workers who were gone for the foreseeable future. I could handle that. It meant long days and working 6 days a week, but I was lucky that I could go home each night to my family and my bed.

And then.. about a week later, I got the call. I had to go to Tulsa. They needed more bodies in that office. I WAS IN SHOCK to say the least. I remember vividly my boss telling me I had to be on a plane that Thursday, but I was freaking out because my husband was traveling and wouldn’t be home until Friday. Oh and not to mention we have a 9 year old and no family nearby to watch him. I could not stop crying. I remember being so afraid. I had never been gone for more than 4 nights from my son and they were telling me that I had to go to Tulsa for an undetermined amount of time. Basically ALONE.


After many tears and phone calls, I was able to get a one way flight out Friday, after Jason got home. I packed a few bags, booked a hotel for 30 days (because that was what the company wanted us to do). I kept telling myself “Overtime, Overtime, Overtime”. I knew I would get paid really well if I was sent to Tulsa to work 72 hours a week. But I still did NOT want to go.

When I arrived, I was thankful to have a co-worker also in the same department. She had been there from the start, so she was able to help me a lot. She introduced me to some people she met, showed me the office, and helped me get settled in to my new (possibly everlasting) job. I did realize I was lucky to have a desk job, because there were plenty of other people in the company who were assigned to climbing poles and installing fiber. NO THANKS. Sitting for 72 hours a week was SUPER PAINFUL, but it was a heck of a lot better than that. Fortunately there were no picket lines in Tulsa either (compared to the East Coast).

We were treated very well in Tulsa. The building had a cafeteria, a workout room, and it was LARGE so we could go for walks to stretch out each day. I stayed in a nice hotel, had my own rental car, and charged all of my meals outside the office on the company credit card. The people were all very friendly and though we were all just meeting, we all had this in common. I remember feeling very alone at times, but I recognized that we all felt that way.

During this time, I missed my family immensely. I missed my son’s first play performance, swim team, end of the school year events. It just about killed me (That’s dramatic- but it did break my heart). I was SOOO thankful for Facetime because I was actually able to help my son do homework some evenings. He read to me at night on his Ipad and we were still able to “see” each other most days.

I ended up being in Tulsa for 5 weeks. Thankfully, I was able to go home for a few days after the first 3 weeks because it was my 40th birthday. I returned for 2 weeks and the strike ended Memorial Weekend.

I learned so many things from the strike. I learned that I am so much stronger than I thought I was. I survived it and because of all the overtime, I took our family on a Disney Cruise when I got back!

After the strike, I wrote a list of things that I learned and some thoughts I had while in Tulsa:

1. A few years ago, I wasn’t sure I could be away from AJ for more than 2 nights. Then 5 nights. Then a week. Now we can, while neither or us like it, survive 3 weeks.

2. I realize how hard it is to be a parent/ partner who can’t help out. It sucks and I feel helpless, but I am so thankful Jason can and does handle things.

3. I miss my friends and knowing what they are up too- getting a text is a highlight of my day.

4. It is embarrassing to admit, but this place humbles me- I guess I thought I was too good for Oklahoma. I realize that is not the case.

5. I have no idea where to go during a tornado. I assume the nice gals at the front desk will tell me when I need to know?


6. 72 hour work weeks are looooooooong. I’m not the only one doing them, but they still suck.

7. It’s really great being with other people who are not used to doing this, and feeding off their positive energy; the morale is still great in my office – though I am not sure how much longer that will last.

8. Networking… It’s a good thing. I have been able to meet a lot of people who I have spoken to on the phone but never met in person.

9. It costs me $3.50 to do one load of laundry a week. The rest I dry clean (and I put that on the company credit card).

10. It’s both a blessing and a curse to be walking distance from chain restaurants like Red Robin and Lone Star Steakhouse.

11. Tulsa really is a beautiful place! I expected just a lot of dirt. But it’s full of greenery and it is FLAT!

12. It sounds so stupid, but I am connecting with the hotel staff and will miss seeing them daily.

13. As hard as it is to be here, I have NO RESPONSIBILITY other than showing up for work. I never cook, I never clean, I only do my laundry, and I don’t spend much money (because I don’t have time!)

14. Now that I got through EWA, there are times I wish we could do it again (I CANNOT BELIEVE I AM SAYING THAT!) The money was THAT good!

In the end, I am thankful I went to Tulsa for many reasons. I realized how much strong I am mentally. I met some wonderful people and have some awesome memories. There is no way I would have ever considered going to Oklahoma, but now I can say I’ve been there. And because of all this, our family went on an amazing vacation. I am glad it only lasted 5 weeks! And even happier that it can’t happen again for the next 4 years!

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Quick Quote- One Kind Word

We’ve all heard the saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. I remember as a kid being taught that and I have tried to instill this in my son. But what about saying ONE KIND WORD? One kind word can truly change that person’s day, but I want to look at this from a different perspective.

When I say something kind to someone or give them a compliment, do something nice for them, or smile at someone as I walk through the halls at work, it CHANGES MY DAY. Doing nice things for people, helping lift a person’s spirit- those things make us feel better. It gives us a sense of pride to help others and as I have stated in past posts, that “thing” does not have to be huge!

Science shows us that when you do a good deed for someone else, we feel a positive rush through our bodies and we are motivated to do it again. Doing good leads to people being happier in general. Imagine how happy our world would be if we all did something good for someone else every day. Comment on a friend’s new haircut, hold the door open for someone, pay it forward and buy a person coffee. Other things that make people happy and in turn make us feel good are to listen to a co-worker who is struggling with something, send a card to a friend you haven’t seen in a long time or send a quick “thinking of you” text. All of these kind gestures help others, but they also help you.

Why not go ahead and do something nice for someone today and see how it makes YOU feel! I bet you feel the rush.


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Do You Have a Fear of Flying?


Do you have a fear of flying? Do you know in your mind that you have a much larger chance of dying walking across the street than in a plane crash, yet still get anxious when you fly? Do you reason with yourself, tell yourself that people fly ALL THE TIME and survive but still sweat and get an upset stomach when you fly? Do you know your fear is totally irrational? My answer to all of those questions is a resounding YES.

Growing up, my family flew a lot! We went to Hawaii many times- that’s a 5 hour flight from California. We flew to Washington State, to Boston, to San Francisco and many other places. I never had a fear of flying back then. Turbulence would make me laugh. I loved getting my Ginger Ale on the flight and would chill and watch movies.

Then I became a mom and things changed entirely. I had a baby to care for and somehow I became anxious when I flew. When our son was very young, I did not really have time to think about being scared on a flight. He kept me busy and entertained. I remember on one turbulent flight he was giggling and made others around us laugh. I think the movement of the airplane made his stomach feel funny. I appreciated the distraction from my fear.

Later, as my son got older, my anxiety grew. I absolutely HATE flying now- luckily not enough to stop. I do not do well flying alone- thankfully I do not do that often. I do best when AJ, Jason and I fly together. I once had someone tell me that it was strange that if the plane went down, I would want my family together. I guess that is true, but having them with me just makes me more comfortable. Even AJ knows my fears and does his best to comfort me. I am so thankful he doesn’t have my same fear.



A lot of people fear take off and landing. Not me. I actually start to feel much calmer when I know we’re descending. I have this fear when we’re in the middle of the sky that all of the sudden we will take a huge drop. I have these crazy thoughts. What if someone didn’t tighten the screws in the plane? What if the door just flies open? What if this plane is too old and it falls apart? Then I think to myself about my friends who fly weekly, and how Jason flies all the time and how they have not had any problems. I realize this is a total control issue and when I am not in control, I get anxious. I look around on the plane and see how calm people are. I am always watching the flight attendants to see if they look worried or not. It always makes me uneasy when the flight attendants do not serve drinks and have to sit down because of a bumpy flight.

I know I am not alone in my fear of flying. I spoke to my doctor about it a year or so ago and she told me she feels similar (she has 3 kids). She even gave me a prescription for Xanax to take before my flights. I haven’t tried it yet though because I don’t know how it will affect me. I tell myself I not THAT bad.. Rather than Xanax, I will drink a few glasses of wine and of course, that helps!

So, I will continue to fly, and I’m sure I will continue to be anxious- but I know I cannot let it take over my life. I firmly believe that whatever happens is meant to be. I just hope and pray smooth flights are meant to be in my future!

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Our First Quick Quote!


Sit back and read that again…..


Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. This resonates with me so much because of the doubt I felt- and still feel- about becoming a blogger. I remember a few months ago when I told people I wanted to be a blogger and I was really nervous about their reactions. Would they think this was a lame idea? Would they say they were excited, but in the back of their mind wonder what I was thinking? Would I annoy them with all my social media posts? I asked myself so many questions. But I was also VERY excited about it. I realized that being a successful blogger does not mean that everyone in the world has to subscribe or like my blog- (tho wouldn’t that be great?).

Once I got started, the doubt I had mostly disappeared because I was so involved with learning everything about blogging. Now, 3 months in, I do have some doubts; how can I keep this up? Will people get sick of reading this? Am I annoying people with my emails? What if I can’t think of something to write? But then I take a deep breath, walk away and remember this is not a race. I knew when I started this blog that my ultimate goal was to be able to make a good enough income to be able to leave my regular 9-5 job. I also knew that was not going to happen in a few months.


What are some things you are doubting right now? What is the worst that can happen if you fail? For me, if I fail it is because I quit. And I do not plan to quit. I am loving this way too much! And I hope you are too!

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Keep an eye out for your next QUICK QUOTE next Monday! I hope you enjoyed this quote!

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