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Life is Meant to be Enjoyed

For some reason this quote really stuck out to me when I first saw it. So much so that I printed it out and have it hanging right next to my monitor at work. I read it many times a day in fact. Of course, I love my life. I AM enjoying my life. But there are days- or maybe even just hours- when I am over it. Whether it’s a tough day at work, or the stress of homework, or constantly cleaning up messes- I forget that the whole point of life is to ENJOY it!



I don’t know about you, but when I see a good quote that really speaks to me, I literally just sit in the moment and really think about what it means. To me, these are not just words. Were we born just so we could “get thru” the day? Are we here so we can manage, get by, or just deal with life? Absolutely not! Inevitably, there will be hard times for all of us. And in those times we may just need try to just get by. But life as a whole should be LIVED and ENJOYED.


Everyone has different ways of enjoying life. And I think when you realize that you’re just enduring it, then it’s time to make a change. Why would we want to stick with something we’re not enjoying? One reason is fear. You may remember my blog post about my fear of starting a blog. I was nervous about what people would think and could I actually do it. Was I going to be able to get anyone to follow me or would this just be a big failure. I can honestly say, I love blogging. It has lit a spark in me and I am really enjoying it. I hope that you are enjoying it too!


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Quick Quote! Think Before You Speak!

I love this quote. I heard it a few years ago and it really made me think. (Are you noticing a theme with these weekly quotes?) Make sure you taste your words before you spit them out. Before you say something, be sure that what you’re about to say is kind. Be sure before you say something, it is something you won’t need to take back. Think to yourself, if someone said this to me, how would I feel? You have heard the expression “Sticks and stone can break my bones, but words can never hurt me”. It is funny when I think back to when I was a kid I thought that was true. But as we get older we realize that words can hurt more than sticks and stones and the damage can last a whole lot longer.

So often it’s easy to say the first thing that comes to mind, but how many times have you said something and wished you could take it back? In my adult life- it’s taken a while- I have realized that it isn’t always necessary to respond to someone right away-especially in a tension filled conversation. A lot of times it is a better idea to wait; to let it sit overnight and then respond. By then, I have had enough time to try to see things from both sides and not necessarily respond in anger. Sure, I may still be angry, but my response will be better thought out (at least I hope!)

None of us are perfect. We will always make mistakes, but my hope is this post will make you think twice before responding to someone in anger. Sit back and think about it for a bit; then respond. It will be better for everyone involved, I am sure.


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Helping Others, Life in General, Quotes

Quick Quote- One Kind Word

We’ve all heard the saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. I remember as a kid being taught that and I have tried to instill this in my son. But what about saying ONE KIND WORD? One kind word can truly change that person’s day, but I want to look at this from a different perspective.

When I say something kind to someone or give them a compliment, do something nice for them, or smile at someone as I walk through the halls at work, it CHANGES MY DAY. Doing nice things for people, helping lift a person’s spirit- those things make us feel better. It gives us a sense of pride to help others and as I have stated in past posts, that “thing” does not have to be huge!

Science shows us that when you do a good deed for someone else, we feel a positive rush through our bodies and we are motivated to do it again. Doing good leads to people being happier in general. Imagine how happy our world would be if we all did something good for someone else every day. Comment on a friend’s new haircut, hold the door open for someone, pay it forward and buy a person coffee. Other things that make people happy and in turn make us feel good are to listen to a co-worker who is struggling with something, send a card to a friend you haven’t seen in a long time or send a quick “thinking of you” text. All of these kind gestures help others, but they also help you.

Why not go ahead and do something nice for someone today and see how it makes YOU feel! I bet you feel the rush.


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Blogging, Life in General, Quotes, Sayings

Our First Quick Quote!


Sit back and read that again…..


Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. This resonates with me so much because of the doubt I felt- and still feel- about becoming a blogger. I remember a few months ago when I told people I wanted to be a blogger and I was really nervous about their reactions. Would they think this was a lame idea? Would they say they were excited, but in the back of their mind wonder what I was thinking? Would I annoy them with all my social media posts? I asked myself so many questions. But I was also VERY excited about it. I realized that being a successful blogger does not mean that everyone in the world has to subscribe or like my blog- (tho wouldn’t that be great?).

Once I got started, the doubt I had mostly disappeared because I was so involved with learning everything about blogging. Now, 3 months in, I do have some doubts; how can I keep this up? Will people get sick of reading this? Am I annoying people with my emails? What if I can’t think of something to write? But then I take a deep breath, walk away and remember this is not a race. I knew when I started this blog that my ultimate goal was to be able to make a good enough income to be able to leave my regular 9-5 job. I also knew that was not going to happen in a few months.


What are some things you are doubting right now? What is the worst that can happen if you fail? For me, if I fail it is because I quit. And I do not plan to quit. I am loving this way too much! And I hope you are too!

Lastly, I am really trying to build my following on social media. If you have any of these social media sites, would you please follow me? Pinterest Facebook  Instagram  

Keep an eye out for your next QUICK QUOTE next Monday! I hope you enjoyed this quote!

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Some of my Favorite Quotes!

Inspirational Quotes

  • ·Someone will always have more than you. Someone else is praying for what you have right now.
    • This is just so true. I find myself being envious of others at times or wanting more and I remind myself that I have so much and to be grateful. This is a good one.
  • Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people.
  • A year from now you will wish you had started today- Karen Lamb
    • I think about this ALL THE TIME. It’s so easy to think “Oh this is going to take forever”, and it will if you never start! When I went back to school to get my Masters, I was overwhelmed. But you just need to start somewhere and move forward.
  • You are your only limit
    • Similar to the quote above. Who is stopping you from doing what you want to do? YOU!
  • Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear.


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Funny Quotes

  • I’m not making resolutions this year. No one lines a skinny sober bitch anyway.
    • This is hilarious and true! Don’t we ALL say we’re “going to lose weight this year?”
  • I want to sit and read, take a nap and snack. Basically I want to be in kindergarten.
  • You are not fat. You have fat. You also have fingernails, but you are not fingernails.
    • This is not only funny, but it’s true! If you’re holding onto a few pounds, it doesn’t mean you are FAT! You are still a good, product person.
  • It’s all fun and games until your jeans don’t fit
    • Isn’t this the truth!
  • Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together- Liz Taylor USA, LLC

Just Plain True

  • · Let’s just be who we really are.
    • I’m super sick of fake people. Just be real. People will either like you or not. It’s not your problem
  • To be honest, I’m just winging it. Life, motherhood, my eyeliner. Everything.
  • What you allow is what will continue
    • Abuse, disrespect, meanness or respect, caring, helpfulness- they will all continue if you allow it.
  • A person who feels appreciated will always do more than expected.
  • Failing isn’t always failure
    • Sometimes things don’t work out the way we hope, but that doesn’t mean you failed. Maybe that wasn’t meant to be and there is something better around the corner.
  • Here is the truth about big life changes. Some people won’t come with you. And that is ok.


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