Camping Season 2017 Has Begun!


Camping season has begun in Colorado! Some might call it “glamping”. 😜 Our family loves to camp- some like to rough it in a tent (Jason and AJ) and I’m really happy camping in our new trailer. We sold our old trailer and got a new one this year and it ROCKS! It’s much bigger and a better layout than our previous one. It’s got 2 full size bunk beds, queen size bed, 2 leather recliners (with HEATED SEATS!?) and a good size bathroom too! See pictures below!

There are so many beautiful places to camp in Colorado. Some of our favorites are Mueller State Park, Golden Gate State Park, Terry Bison Ranch and this weekend we went to Cheyenne Mountain State Park. All of these camp grounds are less than 3 hours away, which make for a nice weekend trips.

When we go camping, we typically go with multiple families and that makes it so much fun. During the day, the kids all play together at one of the parks or ride bikes, and we play ladder golf or corn hole and just chill out. We really don’t do all that much! Sometimes we go on hikes- but only if we want to. The beauty of camping is it’s totally relaxing so it’s the perfect time for people to do whatever they want. Hike, read or nap! Possibly all 3! In the evening, we typically all go to one camp site and cook dinner, have some drinks and sit by the fire together. It truly is such a slow pace, which is wonderful.

Do you like to camp? Where do you go? I’d love to hear from you!

Here are some pictures from this past weekend:

Our trailer! Grand Design- Imagine

The heated recliners! Awesomeness!

More of the inside of the trailer

Cheyenne Mountain State Park



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